Eclipse of Eden

Eclipse of Eden - My Reflex is Revenge - 2000

1. Intro
2. Envy the Ignorant
3. Stars to Scars
4. Dispride
5. Now I've Let Go
6. Race(ism) for American Pie
7. Those Final Mishaps
8. Preparing for Disaster Starts With A Plan
9. One Lucky Little Number
10. My Reflex is Revenge

The Eclipse of Eden album. The sound is a little more refind than their EP. Released on Happy Couples Never Last Records.

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Eclipse of Eden - EP - 1999

1. Eden's Eclipse
2. One Strong Victim
3. Dispride
4. Those Final Mishaps
5. Lies
6. Junior High

Eclipse of Eden's EP. This is some goofy, heavy screamo.
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