Argos - Demo - 2002?
1. Rotten Mind
2. Disturbance
3. Cut Me Clean
4. Ouroboros
5. Space Needle

Argos' demo. Early versions of songs. Plus, the track Space Needle really wasn't on any other release.
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Argos - Days of Being Wild - 2002?
1. Ouroboros
2. Rotten Mind
3. Disturbance
4. Ironic Monarchy
5. Super Hero
6. Blue Walls
7. All a Boy Could Want

Argos' first album.
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Argos/Eric and the Floaters - Argos Vs. Eric and the Floaters - 2003?
11. Gary Coleman's Dad
12. I'm Bored
13. Stuff and Nonsense
14. Cut Me Clean
15. You're A Fad
16. My Life Is Over

Split released on Old Era Records. If you're looking for the EatF half, check their page.

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Argos - Everything That Rises Must converge - 2003
1. Sing It To the Skies
2. Debutantes
3. Lonely Israeli
4. Edward
5. Don't Hold Your Breath
6. Maggie
7 Sun Shines
8. Wee Hours
9. Hurricane Shanty

This was Argos' second album, their last release. It was released at their last show (with Road to Ruin, their last show as well.).
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Argos - other shit - never released.
1. Pretty Pretty
2. Silver Moon
3. Blown Off
4. You're A Fad
5. Call Me Cool
6. Stuff and Nonsense
7. Space Needle

Shit that was never released. This includes a Call Me Cool cover when local 515 bands were supposed to cover each other but then a lot of the bands that said they were going to do it got lazy. Oh, and Space Needle.
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