The 515 Graveyard


This is where music goes to die.
Below are links to download old music from old bands from the 515 area that probably aren't around anymore.


March 30th, 2009
Here's an update for you (I might as well call this "The IOWA Graveyard"):
I uploaded the My Pet Robot 4 song CDr. They were from Marshalltown and were supposed to have a full length out in 2001, but that didn't come to fruition. Some of this band went on to form Modern Life Is War, maybe you've heard of them.

...and speaking of Modern Life Is War, I threw their self titled 7" on this site too.

Duck & Cover was an emotional hardcore band from the 515. They ruled, and here is their complete (??) recorded output.
Thanks to Keith for getting me these recordings! Sorry it took me months to put them up!

If you don't have this album already, you are the biggest dweeb ever... but I uploaded MIDWEST MELTDOWN by my dawgs in Bark Market Fetus.
Heard they have a discography CD out soon? That has tracks from an unreleased split? Nah dawg ah shit.

Remember how I said I was gonna upload that Aggro-Culture Comp? It sucks, so I'm not going to. Fuck you.

Also, if you haven't figured it out already, the Xs in the title of this page are for stylistic purposes only. This isn't a straight edge website. It's pretty easy to figure out. Go to more shows.

September 10th, 2008
No more promises ever again.
It's not like anyone looks at this anyway.

First, some pop punk:
High Jinx released a fun album and then turned into Eight Miles Out. :(
Half the Facts released the album Sorry, and it's probably the best pop punk Iowa has/had to offer. No joke.

Check it out, screamo:
Here is the Dispensing of False Halos and Calling Gina Clark split 7".
Eclipse of Eden was a band that the internet likes to pretend was a really big deal, but I mean... c'mon. Regardless, I uploaded their EP and album.

And finally, here's some Black Market Fetus for you, their split CD with Discider to be exact.

Oh, I also found to Aggro Culture Vol. 1 comp CD and I'll probably be ripping and uploading that soon, but, like I said, no promises.


February 10th, 2008
I suck.
I've been really busy as of late.
Turns out I'm in a band that actually does stuff? I was busy all through Decembers and most of January... but it looks like I'm not busy anymore. Here's some updates:

If you're sick of waiting for the In Loving Memory discography release on Init Records, fear no more for I have uploaded the rest of the In Loving Memory recordings. Download and get transported back to when you were 14, sitting in class and just waiting to go to that really cool Botan show later that night.

I also had Road to Ruin stuff uploaded awhile back when I was preparing for smooth updates (Whoops, that didn't happen). That would be everything they released and then some.

Okay, I PROMISE more frequent updates. No more of this weeks-without-shit shit.


October 29th, 2007
I uploaded a bunch of random shit.

Download a bunch of Grubby Ernie songs.
I also have their split with 35" Mudder I can rip later. Uhm, does anyone want the 35" shit or can I save the webspace for something else?

Ten Grand was a tite band. They were from Iowa City, but they played in the 515 alot so fuck it. RIP Matt Davis.

Standing 8 Count. Yeah.

And, finally, some ska. Check out the Evil Geniuses.


October 17th, 2007
The question has been asked, and will forever remain unanswered... Unicron or the Death Star? I just uploaded some stuff by Eric and the Floaters. I have some more of their stuff to upload, but that will have to happen later, I have to get it sorted out first. For right now, though, the majority of the stuff they ever recorded is up for download.

I have to figure out how to organize this page better.


October 15th, 2007
Uploaded a tape by The Whoremoans.
Punx. Again, thanks to Metal Rob for the rip of this tape.

I also uploaded a short EP by Oogie's Boys.
Download and have a blast.


October 14th, 2007
Uploaded almost all of what Driving While Stupid had to offer.
They were a rad ska band in case you forgot.
I've got to get back to writing a paper for class. E-mail me if you need to get in contact.


October 12th, 2007
Uploaded some Lost Cause. Speaking of Lost Cause, I'll have some Whoremoans uploaded here shortly. Special thanks to Metal Robert for that.
Oh yeah, it's the punk Lost Cause, not the hip hop one.


October 5th, 2007
I started this 515 Graveyard site about a week ago, but why?
The 515 deserves it, that's why.
Without getting sentimental, I'll say this: it'd suck if people never heard this music ever again. So, hopefully this site rectifies that problem.

So, done with the Argos section. I have some live stuff, but I'll refrain from putting that up now... unless someone really wants me to put it up.

Before I go to sleep... thanks a ton to Scott O'Gara for getting me two discs full of old 515 shit. Now... I just have to upload it all...


Black Market Fetus
The Creepy Kids
Dispensing of False Halos
Driving While Stupid
Duck & Cover
Eclipse of Eden
Eight Miles Out
Eric and the Floaters
The Evil Geniuses
Grubby Ernie
Lost Cause
Half the Facts
In Loving Memory
The Mailbox Snatchers
The Mezzanine
Modern Life Is War
My Pet Robot
Oogie's Boys
Road to Ruin
The Skabortionists
Standing 8 Count
Ten Grand
Wasted Generation
The Whoremoans